Freshman to Watch Skills Clinic update

Updated Wednesday, April 13

Due to the incredible overwhelming response to the one-day Class of 2020 event next month, here is the order of entry into the event:

*First choice of players will be those from the Dabbelt Report coverage area (Dayton area), until the max of 50 is reached. This DOES include those players who play for a Dayton/Miami Valley area AAU club but may live outside of the coverage area.

*Second choice are non-Dayton area players within 2 hours of Troy.

*Anyone else outside of the region will be on the next tier of  accepted players

The main purpose of this event is to bring together the top incoming freshman in the Dayton area.

Relentless Basketball Training, one of the top trainers in the region, will be handling all of the skill work.They are very good and on the “short list” of trainers that Jim Dabbelt would personally recommend.

NOTE: With the event nearly full every player will be notified this weekend on acceptance into this event. The deadline to enter is now set for this weekend. Again, we will going by the criteria above.


OHSAA Competitive Balance Plan update

OHSAA’s Competitive Balance Plan to Commence with New Enrollment Cycle in 2017-18

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association’s Competitive Balance Plan, which member schools passed through referendum vote in May 2014, will begin during the 2017-18 school year, OHSAA Commissioner Dr. Dan Ross has announced. Activating the plan in the fall of 2017 will coincide with the start of the OHSAA’s next two-year enrollment cycle, and will also allow for additional time to test the roster data collection software.

Roster data in the OHSAA’s six multiple-division team sports (soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball and softball) will be entered into the system by schools during the 2016-17 school year and will be used when schools are placed into divisions for the 2017-18 school year using enrollment data from the Ohio Department of Education.

Initially, the OHSAA planned to collect roster data during the current 2015-16 school year and begin the plan during the 2016-17 school year.

“Waiting to implement competitive balance with the next two-year cycle makes sense and will give us more time to test the software and train our schools,” Ross said. “We are very close to finishing the software and starting to test it. As we have said all along since the first competitive balance plan was proposed in 2011, this is a journey and we are all learning as we go. And this isn’t just a software project. The different ways that kids make their way onto school sports teams is constantly changing and we have to keep up with that while building the roster software at the same time.”

Ross said that when the software is ready, the Competitive Balance Committee and the OHSAA Board of Directors will provide input. The OHSAA staff and OHSAA field representatives will then visit conferences and schools to help train school administrators on how to enter rosters and assign those student-athletes based on their enrollment or residence background.

Competitive Balance Plan Details:

Competitive Balance Press Release:

Historically, the size of a school’s enrollment was the only factor in determining its tournament divisional assignment. The Completive Balance Plan, which will affect all schools (public and non-public) in those selected sports, will add additional modifying factors to enrollment counts based on each sport-specific roster and is dependent upon where the student’s parents reside for public school students and/or the educational system history for non-public school students.

The OHSAA’s Competitive Balance Committee was formed in 2010 in response to a growing number of public schools that believed many non-public schools had an unfair advantage in postseason tournaments due to the larger geographic area from which non-public schools draw and the concern that the number of state championships won by non-public schools is much higher than the percentage of non-public schools within the OHSAA membership. The OHSAA believes that public and non-public schools should participate in tournaments together and that non-public schools should not be placed into separate divisions or tournaments. That position was affirmed by the majority of member school principals in the 2014 referendum vote.

Additional OHSAA sports could be added to the Competitive Balance Plan at a later date.

Important reminders from OHSAA

Here are a few reminders from Jerry Snodgrass, Assistant Commissioner/Basketball Administrator, and Lauren Prochaska, Assistant Basketball Administrator of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, asking me to pass this along to ALL players, parents, coaches and high school administrators:

All-Star Games/Teams

Yes, it has gotten to the point where ‘everyone’ is an all-star.  But think about that….the more all-star games there are, the more it indeed waters down the concept.  But….most of us are under the impression from the ‘old days’ that a player can only play in 2 all-star games and all-star games are only for seniors.  But, here is the reality; “All-Star Games” are AFTER a season, which makes them non-interscholastic contests – no different than an “AAU” contest held after a season is over.   They always have been non-interscholastic contests.  And, the OHSAA does not restrict who plays in non-interscholastic contests outside the season.  So, it easy to surmise from this that ANYONE can play in a non-interscholastic OR All-Start contest – not just seniors.  Next…many of us remember when we limited each player to only participating in 2 All-Star contests.  Why?  Because the NCAA did for any incoming Div. I players.  That has gone by the wayside a LONG time ago.  So, yes – your are reading this correctly….ANY player from 7th grade to 12th grade can play in an All-Star game because they are non-interscholastic events just like “AAU” or “Club” games.  And, since the NCAA does not restrict the number of All-Star games incoming players can play in, there is no reason we would either.  If you want the written documentation, it is in our General Sports Regulation 7.6 found at: 

Non-School Basketball/The Non-Interscholastic Rule

Sorry, I have to keep mentioning this.  We’re in the last quarter of the season and “AAU”/Club coaches often do everything to try to get an early start on the ‘spring basketball season’.  PLEASE remind your players EVERY chance you get NOT to participate in ANY non-school basketball.  Doing so renders them ineligible from the moment they do this and it becomes a further danger if they play in a contest for you as an ineligible player (it results in forfeiture).  This is the time where it really surfaces.

When CAN Sub-Varsity Players Start AAU/Club Basketball

Once coaches/parents/club coaches get the point that players cannot play while a member of the school team, it leads to the question of exactly when CAN they start practicing etc.  Do they have to wait until the varsity season is over? Here is an easier way to look at it;  whenever a player decides to participate in AAU/Club basketball, his/her season is over at that point…they are now ineligible.  So, if a freshman spends all his/her time on the freshmen team, when his/her season is over they can go play AAU/Club basketball at that time.  BUT….using this logic, he/she is ineligible to come back and participate on the varsity tournament roster.  Granted…they probably won’t anyhow.  But this explains that players do NOT need to wait until the Varsity season is over before they participate in AAU/Club basketball.

Several Dayton area players make college choice 

The following Dayton area girls’ basketball players have made their decision where they will be continuing their playing careers at the next level. Check back as this is updated as often as needed:

Sydney Bates (Kenton Ridge)- West Virginia State

Libby Bazelak (Alter, Jr.)- Duquesne

Jessica Boerger (Fort Loramie)- Ohio Dominican

Carly Clodfelter (Tippecanoe)- Wright State

Celeste Etter (Fairmont)- Fairmont State

Danielle Franklin (Tecumseh)- Alderson Broaddus

Kasey Hughes (Springboro)- Baldwin Wallace

Weston Minnich (Centerville)- Urbana

Lindsey Nartker (Tecumseh)- Lincoln Memorial (volleyball)

Rylie Parkhurst (Miamisburg)- USC Upstate

Jamie Peterson (West Liberty Salem)- Dayton (volleyball)

Miquela Santoro (Clinton Massie)- Winthrop

Denissa Sly (Northmont)- Owens College

Cassidy Wasson (Tippecanoe)- Ohio Domincan


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