Tipp standout to miss season with ACL injury

It was the worst news for the Tippecanoe Red Devils, as they prepare for Graham tomorrow night at home. Senior standout Carly Clodfelter, the 5-foot-10 versatile wing who is arguably the area’s top all-around senior, will miss the remainder of the season after getting confirmation this morning she has a torn ACL from Saturday night’s game against Kenton Ridge.
Clodfelter, who signed November 11 with Wright State University, now awaits a surgery date where she can repair her injury and start her rehab process of getting back out on the court.

“It will definitely change our dynamics, but we did play two and half quarters without her against Kenton Ridge,” Tippecanoe coach Andy Holderman said as Tipp defeated the Cougars on Saturday 58-56. “We can do one of two things, fold up or have others take a more active role. We can still get it all put together and make the best of the season.”

According to local notable expert Dr. James Klosterman, the general rule for a return to the court is nine months, and anything earlier requires passing tests for a functional recovery. He also stated Derrick Rose took 15 months to return.

A few years ago, former area standout Konner Harris, who torn her ACL during August of her junior year at Sidney, returned to the court in four months following her surgery and was back during Christmas break, which is very unusual. So the return time is very unpredictable for every athlete.

“We can use this as a teaching tool both on and off the court,” Holderman said. “We had Cali Stewart get injured back in the summer and she is 2-3 months away. There are reasons for everything.”

“We will not only miss her scoring, but her presence on the court. She wants to take shots when the game is on the line. We need to find others to do that.”

Tippecanoe returns to action Wednesday night hosting Graham at 7:30.

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