2017 Dayton Shootout

The 2017 Dayton Shootout is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 17 at Bethel High School, as the state’s top non-Division 1 fall basketball event returns to the Dayton area. The event will run from 9a-4p, and will include a morning of skill training involving some of the top former Division One college basketball players in Miami Valley history, as they give back to work with the players at the event.

In the afternoon, each player will be on a team and play two evaluation games, where everyone will be listed in the college coaches book that will be distributed to every college coach in the region following the event. This event also welcomes players from outside the Dayton area, as not only will you be included in the coaches booklet, but several D2, D3, NAIA and JUCO coach will be invited to the event.

For those players in Dayton, it will be an added chance for one final look for the prestigious Dayton Top 100 and Freshman to Watch list, which is released to the basketball fans in Ohio in mid-November.

As you register, your name will be listed below and later you will receive a confirmation email.  Reminder, only 80 players will be accepted.

Just in: if you have a PayPal account, your deposit can be taken care of online by sending it via PayPal to: jmdabbelt@aol.com and email the form back to me. You can also choose to mail it back! You will need a form to get registered so reach out to me if needed.

2017 List of registered participants (as of 7/10):

1 S. Chable

2 J. Wolfork

3 M. Morgan-Elliott

4 S. Bergman

5. C. Prenger

6 W. Knight

7 B. Kindrick

8 A. Stupp

9 K. Saunders

10 M Fearon

11 K. O’Daniel

12 J. Austin

13 S. Pavoni

14 M. Perdue

15 A. Dickson

16 A. Suarez

17 S. Riley

18 C. Harris

19 K. Foley

20 S. Aufderhaar

21. M. Nation

22. P. Nation

23. A. Landing

24. K. Foos

25. J. Hoying

26. C. Conley

27. S. Reis

28. A. Cable

29. L. Hinders

30. K. Dickison

31. O. Majors

32. J. Hoschouer

33. A. Bellard

34. K. McNeal

35. K. Dingee

36. B. Hall

37. J. Nation

38. K. Ketterer

39. K. Smith

40. K. Ahner

41. S. Earhart

42. R. Ware

43. S. Heath

44. A. Hutchison

45. A. Hawthorn

46. L. Hapgood

47. B. Call

48. C. LaCrosse

49. D. Wolf

50. I. Wolf

51. C. Heitkamp

52. M. Gray

53. L. Siler

54. S. Wiley 

55. E. Barber

56. M. Haney

57. A. Jones 

58. A. Weckesser

59. M. Clemons

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