Day of Champions registration open

I am happy to announce that the registration for the 2017 Day of Champions is now underway! The DOC will be held the weekend of March 25 and 26 at Bethel High School, and this event, considered the premier training event in Ohio in the spring, will feature a rare appearance in the Dayton area from Sports City U trainer Jim Clayton.

Players can choose which day they would like to attend, as we will be following the same agenda each day. Jim Clayton is the top basketball trainer in the Midwest, and will be in town to make your game stronger as we all head into an important month of April, which is the start of the spring basketball season.

In addition to several hours of extensive training, we will also be doing classroom sessions on various subjects. One will be a very important discussion about social media, recruiting, and a couple of other key topics that will be revealed when you arrive.

I will also be doing coverage of the event, and this will be the first look at players in the off-season for the prestigious Dayton Top 100, something that most Dayton players strive to achieve every season.

This has been established as the key event in Ohio to be a part of when it comes to training and learning, so I welcome you to be a big part of this event. In a world where everyone is throwing together events, I encourage you to be a part of something where I will be with you 365 days a year promoting your game.

This is not just for Dayton kids, anyone around the region may attend.

If you would like a registration form, please email me at We are only taking 35 kids per day.  Anyone can train, but not everyone can train with the Day of Champions!

Note: The dates on the initial form was incorrect. The dates are Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26.


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