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Long needed break on the horizon

By Jim Dabbelt   /   March 3    9:15 p.m.

It has been a very long five months for yours truly, which started for me back in early October with the start of putting together my Top 100 rankings.  In three weeks, as the Division One state champion walks off the floor at the Schottenstein Center at Ohio State in the final game of the night, the 2014-15 season will come to a close.

If you have been around me in previous years, you understand what’s ahead, and why I look forward to it. I take a lot of pride in the hard work that goes into letting everyone in the Buckeye state know what’s going on in the basketball world. The Top 100 is a five weeks process, plus 12 action-packed weeks of the regular season, three solid weeks of compiling and releasing my All-Area team, then a recap and update every day of the post season, starting with the sectionals up through the state tournament.

It takes it’s toll, and they say everyone needs a break. It makes you fresher, and refocuses you on what is ahead. I recommend it for players also, take some time for YOURSELF and do other things you like to do. I always preach to players that the one person you play for is the one person who often suffers… and that is YOU. Take a week this summer; go on vacation, a mission trip, go visit family out of town… just get away from the basketball court for one solid week, don’t dribble a ball, don’t shoot a ball…..nothing. Trust me, you won’t forget how to play.

As for me, the Monday following the state tournament up until the end of April when I often return at the Windy City Classic, it is shutdown time. It is a chance to just rest up and turn my attention to what’s ahead during the summer, some limited AAU coverage, and some exposure events. Every year, I take one month off of working in this game, and turn my attention to other things; like golf, hitting up some baseball games, and being a track parent. I will sneak into an occasional AAU game, but just to support some friends. Of course at nearly every track meet, I will run into players from everywhere and the conversation usually turns to hoops.

Until then, you can check back often for tournament updates, with the most extensive girls hoops coverage on the web. I will be present and accounted for at the upcoming tournament games, and will keep an eye on all of the top players. Of course, I may keep my other eye on my golf clubs ;)


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