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Alter makes a statement with win over Tipp, earns state berth

By Jim Dabbelt   /   Sat. March 14

They left little doubt, and showed the girls’ basketball world one thing… they are not ready to give up their crown as the best team in Dayton just yet.

Alter exploded out to a 13-0 lead in the opening minutes, and never looked back as the Knights crushed the Tippecanoe Red Devils hopes 64-33 in front of an amazing crowd at Springfield High School. Both sides of the gym was filled to capacity, and the student sections were rockin all night.

While you can read about this game in many publications today, I will look more into the game itself today. I was impressed how well Alter prepared for this game, as it looked like they knew exactly what Tipp was going to do before they did it.

The passing lanes, which are usually there for Tipp, weren’t there. Every pass Tipp tried to get through was deflected or intercepted. Alter’s blocked numerous shots early, leaving doubt in the Red Devils minds about taking the ball to the rim.

Alter was more battle tested. They played games like this many times this year, and while Tipp did play some very good teams like Fort Loramie, Versailles, Carrollton and Anna, you could see how much of a difference it makes for the Knights.They were hungry, and they did what they wanted the whole night.

I have seen Braxtin Miller play numerous times, but last night she looked possessed. She was the best player on the  floor, and showed why she is a major D1 recruit. Seniors Emma Bockrath and Maddie Bazelak also used their big game experience to lead the charge.

It was a rough night for Tipp’s senior Halee Printz. She leaves the Tipp program as the record holder in several categories. But they return everyone else, and this game will be etched in their memory all of the off-season.

The Knights now turn their attention to a rematch on Friday at 1 p.m. against the team that beat them last year for the state title, West Holmes. It will be a state semi-final game, and they have some unfinished business at the Schott.

One thing I will take away from this was how the girls basketball community came together last night to support this game. I personally saw kids from many different high schools, and a couple of college players who came out to see this game. It was a wonderful night to be a girls basketball fan in Dayton, and it shows you where the heartbeat lies in the Buckeye state for this sport… here in Southwest Ohio.


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