Fall Day of Champions

Here is the updated list of who will be attending the Ohio Fall Day of Champions with Jim Clayton, scheduled for October 21 & 22. Only 30 per day.

Saturday, October 21

K. Dingee, M. Saunders, L. Hinders, R. Ware, J. Varise, B. Call, L. Johnting, R. Sagester, C. LaCrosse, G. Whitzel, L. Siler, D. Gray, K. McNeal, A. Suarez, C. Cary, A. Ali-Shakir, D. Thompson, S. Pedroza, E. Pedroza- 17

Sunday, October 22

M. Fearon, B. Kindrick, S. Riley, S. Reis, K. Smith, A. Stupp, K. Ahner, C. Prenger, S. Earhart, K. O’Daniel, A. Wolf, J. Austin, S. Aufderhaar, K. Foos, A. Hutchison, K. Hoeslcher, L. Wright, A. Ferguson, B. Salenbien, D. Salenbien, B. Stonebraker, E. Stanley, A. Koenig, Mac Taylor, Mak Taylor- 23

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