Sports City U Evaluation Clinic

Saturday Evals- middle school clinic

  1. Ellie Eastham, CK Middle School WVa- one of the youngest players at the camp. Average ball handling skills and a nice shot. She knows how to do her offensive game, skills and footwork, she just needs to turn the speed up to another level. You can tell she wants to work hard and needs to just work on her game situations at game speed. She has a lot of room to improve, and look for her to work on her weaknesses and close the gap on the speed.


  1. Candence Stewart, East Greenbriar Middle,Ronceverte WVa- Her ballhandling skills are between average and above-average, sees the court pretty well with good range. Not afraid to shoot the ball or take it to the glass, a slasher type of player. Will get down on defense. Plays very aggressive and her ability to handle criticism is very strong. What she needs to do is tighten up her skills level and be quicker. Speed was a bit much for her today, but she stuck in there and played with the best of them.


  1. Rylee Norman, Lewisburg WVa- Overall ball handling was average all the way across from crossover, inside-out, back-cross. Another kid who just needs to work on her ball handling speed. Very good jump shot off of a pass, needs to work on creating off the dribble. Gritty player, and scrappy. One of the youngest players at the event, but her ability to play hard and compete was excellent. Big upside for her.


  1. Emily Hutchison, Covenant School- A fiery point guard who is a legit above-average solid ball handler who needs to work on her speed of the ball. Sees the court really well and a solid pull-up. Can finish well when she can get by people. Has the tendency with the ball to do a lot of lateral movement instead of going north-south. Good perimeter moves and good transition moves. Needs to be me more physical as a player, more contact. When aggressive, she plays better. Tremendous upside and fundamental base.


  1. Crysta LaCrosse, Lakota Schools, Cincinnati OH- All of her handles are very good, gets low and explodes with the ball. Has another gear, very deceptive. Had an acceleration that only a few in the group had. Needs to keep her head up when playing the point to see the floor better. Can get by anyone, but needs to create a shot off the dribble, needs more of a midrange game. Very good form on her shooting, again just needs to learn to create. With her speed that should be easy. Serious quick crosses and great handles.


  1. Rylie Sagester, Tri Village MS- Leftie who was very deceptive. Graded out above average on all of her ball handling, meaning her ball speed was very good. Has a tendency to go left too much, needs to develop the right side. At times, overdribbles and needs to get rid of the ball quicker, which could come from having to handle the ball all the time for her team. Good deep range, better shooter off the pass than dribble. Not very big but will stick her nose in there. Has some good speed, and a quick cross with the ball. Could be more aggressive. Good upside with a good fundamental foundation.


  1. Jodee Austin, Fairborn OH- Physically strong player with good handles. Good acceleration and gets low to the ground with good acceleration. Needs to see the court better when handling the ball. Good pull-up and can get off the dribble and shoot because she can get over top of people. Strong on the boards. Good footwork and plays aggressive defense. Solid intangibles, with serious upside. Needs to develop better footwork and more offensive moves in halfcourt and her timing in the halfcourt.


  1. Hannah Archer, St. Mary’s Catholic, Lowell OH- Seventh grader with a lot of range, and super quick. Tight and quick handles with good acceleration. Needs to see the court better, and wants the ball in her hands. Shoots off the pass well, and is quick enough to get by her defender. Maybe the deepest range in the entire group. Good inside-out moves, needs to learn how to finish off of two feet better. Plays good defense off the ball. Young kid who is fearless on the court.


  1. Courtney Gardner, Toledo OH Bowser – Great handles, quick acceleration. Has a tendency sometimes to overdribble. Her inside-cross is solid. Needs to learn what she has to be able to do what she needs to do, instead of overdoing. Her shot needs to become more consistent, better shooter off the pass then the dribble. Can get by her defender. Needs to tighten up her footwork on her jumpshot. Good offensive moves in transition. Wants to guard the best player on defense, plays good on-ball defense and has good footwork on defense where she doesn’t get beat off the dribble.


  1. Ma’Kaylia Lute, Huber Heights Local Schools, OH- Coaches kid who has good handles, but could improve her ball speed and tightness on her moves. Very aggressive player, sees the court well. Good pull-up jumper and shoots well off the pass. Needs to finish better off of two feet at the rim, and since she loves to attack the rim she needs to tighten that up. Above average perimeter player. When she is on, she is more aggressive than when she is off. Serious upside.


  1. Cydne Campbell, Huber Heights Local Schools, OH- Her back-cross and between the leg dribbles were better than her inside-out and crossover, good shooter off the pass, and can get to the rim well. She had a tendency to blend in at times. Needs to become more consistent. Good footspeed and footwork. Will be a nice player, but needs to work on some things.


  1. Kylie Stephens, Floyd County KY- Solid handles and foundation. Needs to gain speed of the ball, and get another gear. Good catch and shoot player, but settles for a lot of shots. Finishes off of two feet well at the rim. Not as aggressive as she can be. Knows what to do on the perimeter, but needs to gain more confidence. Will stand out once she can develop another gear to her speed. Hard worker, and will be around a lot of good instruction over the next few years so she will have a chance to develop her game.


  1. Courtney Hoskins, Perry County KY- Only a sixth grader, she is a gamer. When the game shows up you will find her. Deceptive player with good handles but needs more speed on the ball. Does have quick acceleration to the ball, just needs to tighten up her game. She sees the court well, love to get the ball to the right people. Needs to develop a better two-foot finish because she can get to the rim on anyone. Strictly north-south player who can get it by her defender. Aggressive in transition and good on-ball defense.


  1. Chelsea Profitt, Perry County, KY- One word to describe her…deceptive. She is high on things, but once she gets lower and tighter she will be graded as a 5. Sees the court well, wants the ball in her hands and not afraid to have it. Good pull-up jumper but needs to improve her shot. Above average shooting off the pass, and needs to work on her two-foot finish. She is a good midrange player. Fearless player and will come right at you.


  1. Madelyn Fearon, Arcanum OH- Above average on all of her moves because of her speed, she has that low gear. Sees the court well with deep range and can get to the rim. Needs to learn the two-foot finish as she expose her hand too much. Has good deep range and can shoot from the perimeter. Above average with both on-ball and off the ball pressure. Could become more aggressive on both offense and defense. Very good for seventh grade, will become better once she polishes up her game.


  1. Ayma Damon, Cory Morgan Schools, WVa- A long player with good moves because of her speed. Stays low to the basket. Slasher type player, and since she has the ball in her hands a lot, she needs to see the court better. One of the biggest things to improve is for her to keep her head up and see the court better. Good on the boards. Deep range and good shooter off the pass. One of the best two-foot finishers in the camp. Takes some interesting shots at times, but doesn’t need to stop shooting, just clean up her shots a bit.


  1. Madison Neal, Greenbriar County WVa- Another deceptive player, with solid ball handling skills, just needs to speed to go with them. Very aggressive player who needs to keep her head up bringing the ball up the court. Good pull-up shooter just needs to become more consistent. Shoots off the pass better than the dribble. Finishes well off of 2 feet. If the ball if on the floor, there is a good chance she will be on the floor with it. Just needs to improve on her handles and create space.


  1. Ciarra Carter, Gahanna Schools, Columbus OH- She has another gear. Great handles and plays low and can accelerate. She needs to know when and how to use them. She is a bigtime team player, but has the ability to take over a game. Great encourager of her teammates, and can motivate the team. Shoots her jump shot above her head, but doesn’t jump to shoot it. Has good form on her shot, but around the rim, needs to learn how to finish off two feet. Nice foul shot technique, needs to elevate better. Can get by anyone on the perimeter. Hard to guard. One of the top few at the camp with on-ball pressure. Needs to learn how to get off the ball well. Elite level defender.


  1. Amya Harris, Worthington School, Columbus OH- Great team player, solid handles. Great court vision and one who will just get better. Ball handling skills are above average, just needs to work on increasing her ball handling speed. Nice pull up jumper, can shoot off the pass. Like many of the players here, needs to work on finishing off of two feet. Average catch-and-shoot player. Attacks the rim and can get by you. Plays good on-ball and help-side defense. Relentless and comes at you and is fearless.


  1. Sammi Sites, Johnson County KY- Once she becomes consistent with her shot, she will be a complete player. Has every tool of the game. Tight and quick moves, gets to her spots. She does have a good shot, just needs consistency. Can shoot out of the corner well, can create off the pass, and is very skilled with her two-foot finishes, the best in the camp. Playing varsity in Kentucky as an eighth-grader. Defensively, will put pressure on her opponent. Very hard worker of the game. Will pass others who may be “rated” higher than her.


  1. Sara Reis, Centerville OH- Her ball handling is solid, but can get better if she adds more speed to the ball. Likely has played under the basket, but once she adds speed to her handles, it will make her a more complete player. Pull-up shot is average, but her strength in shooting comes off of the pass. Another player who needs to improve her finishes around the basket off of two feet. Her form shot is good, and likes to shoot the deep ball, so she needs to improve her consistency from the perimeter. Good on the boards.
  2. Samara Canon, Fairfield Local Schools, Leesburg OH- Physically, one of the top three strongest players in the gym on this day. Has deep range. Nightmare matchup problems since she can take her defender inside or will shoot in your face from the outside. All of her handles were strong with good acceleration and speed, and tight with her handles. Sees the court well. While she will fire from anywhere, she doesn’t know how to finish around the rim with two feet. For a post player, she can handle the ball on the break (i.e. Kevin Durant). Great court vision. Another player who can get by her defender with an average mid-range shot, or takes it to the rim.


  1. Morgan Bentley, Vinton County- Average ball handling skills, will improve with better ball speed. Good pull-up and shot off the pass and needs to strengthen her finish around the rim. At this point not a big perimeter threat, but solid around the rim as she is physical and can get inside and get physical with people. Will come right at you, but again if she learns how to finish off of two feet, she will become more explosive and a threat. Just needs her skill levels to get with her height. She should work to become a 3 player which will benefit her as she progresses through high school. Good upside.


  1. Morgan Hunt, Tri-Village OH- Always around the ball and a good nose for the ball. An excellent offensive rebounder, and was surprised when told she was only in sixth grade. Clogs up the post at times and with quick guards that can tend to stop drives. Her handles were average, but may not have worked a lot on them based on her height and likely playing a lot inside. Needs to work on the speed of the game. Good catch-and-shoot player, plays with her back to the basket and needs to expand and finish around the rim better by improving her two-foot finish. Plays better in a game than drills. Really needs to be exposed to playing facing the basket more rather than always back to the basket.


  1. Blair Kindrick, Northmont OH- Can shoot the three deep, but needs to be more willing to take the shot and not second-guess herself. Deceptive because of her height and can play multiple positions. Handles are solid, and could improve once she develops ball speed because she doesn’t get low enough when she handles the ball. For her height, her shooting is a bigtime plus. She can face it and shoot it, but instead of waiting for someone to get her the ball, she needs to improve on making things happen on her own. With one attack move where she can get to the rim, she could score consistently. Good on and off-ball defender. She can be a nightmare matchup problem if she works on her moves. Quicker than she looks.


  1. Aja Austin, Westerville, Columbus OH- Leftie who is deceptive quick. Always plays to her left and her left move is very strong. Needs to develop a right side move. Handles the ball well with a nice pull-up shot. Needs to work on finishing off of two feet. She has deep range. Good court awareness and if she can develop some right sided moves, it will help her from being one dimensional. In middle school you can get away with that, not at the next level. Good soft touch with the ball. Always thinking on the court, and once she improves moves, footwork and finishes from both sides, her game will flourish.


Sunday High School Evals


  1. Sydney Baird (6th grader, Webster WVa)- Handled herself well against the older kids. Outstanding handles. Sees the floor well, and offensively has a very good pull-up jumper. Shoots good off the pass, and around the basket can finish well off of two feet. Only bring in 6th grade, her major thing to work on is her speed level in all aspects of the game, which should happen as she gets older. Always around the ball, and her inside-out and crossover moves are advanced. She can score at will against her age group, and is very athletic. Tremendous upside and wasn’t intimidated by the older kids today.


  1. Amanda Bailey (Sr. Teays Valley Christian)- Leftie who has been working hard and wants to be very good. Improved night and day from last year to this event. Solid handles, who has a good outside game and is a good team player with her ability to penetration and pitch. Has deep range with the ability to connect from the three. Her best game is to catch and shoot. Good overall solid player who looks to make the move to the next level with her good work ethic.


  1. Amy Velasko (Fr. Centerville OH)- 8th grader who plays like she is a junior. One of her big strengths is her ability to get by anyone. She is well above-average on her handles and has another gear. Sees the court well and never gets tired. Biggest thing she needs to learn is how to finish around the rim off of two feet. She has all the other tools. She is a point guard who always hits the boards well. Good transition moves with very quick handles, good footwork, has a serious motor. Biggest things to work on includes finishing at the rim and move to the left more. As an eighth grader, she is a stud right now.


  1. Staci Greene (Fr. Chaminade Julienne)- very athletic player whose strengths include her excellent court vision. Needs to work on not blending in so much when she runs down the middle of the floor in transition. Above average ball handling with need to quicken her speed on the handles. Passes the ball very well with a good shot. Has some range, and when she gets to the rim needs to finish better off of two feet to protect the ball. Only a freshman with a good upside, she just needs to slow down at times, as she has a tendency to play too fast for her skills. Needs to work on her skill improvement more than just playing in games.


  1. Kylie Foos (Fr. Dayton Oakwood)- vastly improved player with a good upside. She is very aggressive and not afraid to stick her nose in there and play fearless. Handles are improved with better speed, could still work on them. Great team player with a good pull-up jumper and above average shot off the pass. Like most of these players, she needs to finish better off of two feet, as she exposes the ball too much to the defense at the rim. Very strong on the free throw line, and has good range. Plays good on-ball defense, great intangibles. Plays bigger than 5’5”.


  1. Amanda Lovejoy (Fr. Glen Este )- Very quick player and a good athlete. Deep range and this girl can finish at the rim. Deceptive ball handling with good speed. Good jump shot just needs to be ready to shoot, was in position today to get a good shot, just needs to be ready. Good footwork in transition and half court. Only a freshman with soph-junior type skills. Just needs to continue to work on her game so when she is a senior with college-type skills, she will be ready for the next level. Scrapper and mixes it up with people. Like Kylie, plays a lot bigger than her size.


  1. Sydnie Hall (Fr. Perry County Ky)- Another player who is advanced beyond her freshman status. This point guard plays a lot of off-guard today, she showed good court vision and good handles and spaced up well. Sydney has a consistent shot from the perimeter, but needs at times to settle down and play better under control. Another kids who needs to be ready to shoot. At times looks a little uncertain with the ball, but that will get better with experience. She has the tools with her handles and sees the court well with another gear. Great spring in her game, can get by you without needing a secondary-move. Just wants to play with a lot of confidence in her game.


  1. Leslie Bailey (Fr. Westside High, WVa)- Only a freshman, Leslie has improved on her game from last year. Needs to learn to create a shot for herself. She gotten quicker and that comes from her constant work ethic. Nobody will work harder than her at the game. Always in the gym and relentless. She has good skills and learn how to use her body on people as she is not physically strong enough to do that yet. She has upped her game today against quicker players. Fundamentally sound and a great shooter when she is open.


  1. Lissa Siler (Fr. Tri Village)- From August to October, dramatic difference in her game. Strong player, pound-for-pound one of the strongest in the gym. Handles have improved, had a tendency to just blend in, now she some smooth footwork, worked on her game. Very good release from the top of the key and deep range. She can finish around the basket well. Anywhere the ball is, she will come out of there with it. Athletic and quick. Needs to work on going left more consistently, and looks right a lot. As she expands her game, add the left element to her game. You won’t outwork this kid.


  1. Bre Call (Fr. Lucasville Valley)- Another kid who has really improved. Used to be quiet and not say anything, now she is right in the middle of everything. Very good speed, and plays bigger than her 5’5” frame. Can scrap inside and get rebounds. All of her handles are inside-out and her crosses are above average, good speed with her dribbles. Sees the floor well, can make some really good passes. Good looking shot when she is ready to shoot the ball. Has trouble finishing at the rim at times. Just be ready before getting the ball to shoot instead of getting ready after she has the ball. Loves on-ball defense.


  1. Sophia Aufderhaar (Fr. Anna)- Has improved tremendously since last year since she attended this event last summer. Working through a back injury, but she constantly works. Looks more to score than in the past, and can get hot from outside. Sponge who wants to soak everything in and get better. Her handles are above average with good speed. Pull-up jumpers are a bit slow due to her footwork but is definitely is a catch-and-shoot player. Needs to work on creating off the dribble and spacing. Also needs to work on improving finishing off of two feet better. Needs to add a little bit more “right side” to her game.


  1. Jenna McFarland (Fr. Indiana)- Only an eighth-grader who disrupts everyone on defense. Nightmare on defense who plays with reckless abandon. At 5’7” her handles has gotten better since she was at camp this summer. Above average handles with good speed. One gear- coming at you all the way. Good looking shot, but needs to just be ready to shoot. Can get to the rim and score! Needs to get left a bit more, but that is likely due to her only being in eighth grade.


  1. Kendall Clodfelter (Fr. Tippecanoe)- She plays fast, sometimes too fast. Needs to look before she dribbles. Good handles, moves well without the ball. Very smart player, calls for the ball and talks well. Sees the court well. She has a good shot but uses her left hand a bit too much. Can get to the rim, but needs to work on finishing off of two feet so the defender doesn’t get to her ball. Scrapper and works hard all the time. Needs to work on not blending in when she doesn’t have the ball. Explosive moves and always looking to get better. Sister plays at Wright State, Kendall can shoot the ball well from the perimeter, just needs to continue to work.


  1. Lindsay Profitt (Jr. Perry Central)- One word to describe her is deceptive. She has another gear and when you first look at her you don’t think she can do those things. She sees the court well, and can score. One of her strongest scorers in her district, and she looks to shine. Constantly getting better with her moves to the rim and can slash in there. Solid defender. Deep range who will drop it on you if you leave her out there. Can get to the rim.


  1. Willow Knight (Jr. Vandalia Butler)- Just over one month from returning from an ACL injury, Willow is working back into shape and is constantly looking to improve. Another deceptive player, always seems to have the ball in her hands. Commands the ball and she knows when she doesn’t have the ball and people are penetrating to the rim, she can get to the open spot to get the pass for an easy shot. Can read the game very well, which is something more people cannot do. She has a trigger from the outside and can shoot from anywhere. Needs to finish at the rim off of two feet, because once she opens that drive and finishes it will help her game. Has a tendency to overdribble, and needs to work on opening the left side of her game. Coming off of ACL injury, she needs to work on her two-foot finish. Shocked that she looks this good after only being back one month.


  1. Camryn Miller (Fr. Miami East)- Good ball handling gears on her. Shoots well off the pass and can hit the pull-up jumper, and solid from the free throw line. Needs to work on developing her two-foot finish so she can capitalize on getting to the free throw line. Her biggest improvement will come when she doesn’t blend in during 5-on-5 play. She stays down the middle too much, and needs to space better and be ready. Only a freshman, she has time to learn to catch, attack space or create space and finish with people on her at the rim. She played really hard and had her moments, but overall a nice player who just needs to be more visible and create.


  1. Lauren Hapgood (Soph. Oakwood)- This kid has improved her a ton since last summer, constantly working in the gym on her game. She is a great athlete with good handles. Reads things very quick and plays under control which is good so she is not playing too fast. She has a gear to shift to if needed. She is smooth with the ball and running the floor. She sees the gap better than a lot of kids her age, and can get to the rim, or connect from the perimeter. Picks her points well, plays the most under control to use her gear than any girl at the clinic. Her shot could stand to get more arch which as she continues to play against the top teams, you will find longer defenders to guard her outside, making it harder to get a shot off.


  1. Grace Fisher (Soph. Grove City)- Likely been a post player in the past due to her size, but she is likes to face the rim. Only 5’7”, she needs to really work on her handles because she is too high, needs to get lower to get by people. Does have some deep range since she doesn’t seem to like contact yet. Needs to work on finishing at the rim better. Good shooter off the pass. Needs to work on her midrange game, which is the problem with a lot of these girls, they either launch the three or drive to the rim. Can shoot when left open, but once the defenders learn to put pressure on her outside, she will need a stronger get-by move, or drive and hit the midrange shot.


  1. Kayla O’Daniel (Fr. Arcanum)- Another freshman who has improved since camp last summer. She is very aggressive and for a freshman plays much bigger than her height. Handles where solid, always around the ball. She has good form and good off the dribble. She needs to work on her shot and increase the speed of getting the shot off. Needs to work on her left hand, everything looked good to the right. Quick moves with good body control in 1-on-1 game action. Lives to fake left and go right but only goes to the right. Plays bigger than a ninth-grader. Just needs to work on balancing her right and left out.


  1. Erin Jackson (Sr. River Valley)- Hard worker will be the go-to player with her team, she will have to learn to take over games. Starting to get that mentality. More confident with her shooting, in the past if she missed a shot she would not shoot, now she is relentless. Wants to get to the next level. Can create off the pass and get to the rim. Not only more confident with her shooting, she is a better shooter, working hard on her game. Finishes well with contact, and makes good decisions. She can also use her body to score and she does have deep range. She also does a good job attacking the middle. Handles in transition and makes good reads. Won’t be outworked, and she is very smart and a good leader.


  1. Macyn Siegenthaller (Fr. Wooster)- Only a freshman, she took over the game at times today. Great Euro-step, she can play on both sides of the ball. She can get from in front of you to besides you so fast, her game was at a higher level. Maybe the best in the gym to do that. 5’8 long player with long arms, her stock went through the roof when we got into the 5-on-5 action. Relentless with above average in all aspects, plays much older than a freshman.


  1. Marin Reis (Sr. Dayton Christian)- Senior who has improved her game a lot. Makes good decisions with her shots and just needs to develop some consistency on her shooting. Handles are better, just needs to be able to create more moves for herself, settles for jumpers way too much. Needs to get to the rim more often and finish off of two feet, she can knock down the free throws, take advantage of it. Just needs to be more consistency with her offense, get to the rim and free throw line and get some rhythm. Scrappy player and improved her aggressiveness this year. Wants to be a better player, so she will work for you and her team. Great kid and has taken steps to become a better player by trimming down and getting in the gym.


  1. Aubrey Stupp (Fr. Tri County North)- 5’10 freshman who is vocal on the floor with good speed. Always around the ball with good handles. Just needs to get some more speed with her dribbles, footwork needs some work on her pullup which tends to slow you down. Shoots well of the pass, but needs to learn to finish off of two feet since she gets to the rim a lot. Uses her height well to rebound effectively, jumps well and runs in transition well. Knows how to position herself without the ball to get the pass to come to her to get a shot. Plays off the ball well. Great team player who takes it strong but not always in control, just needs more moves since she relies on her athletic ability instead of the skill level of her moves. Transition is her best game, tends to struggle in the half-court game.


  1. Kendyll Ketterer (Fr. Oakwood)- Deceptive with her quickness. Very vocal player who is talented for a freshman. Hard to believe she is only a freshman. Good handles but needs to not dribble so low, which will help with her speed. She has deep range, can flat out shoot it with good form. Can be a matchup nightmare for teams when she is out on the perimeter. Biggest thing to work on is finishing off of two feet with a slide shot at the rim, she shows the ball too much. Great upside, plays like an upperclassman. Needs to make her moves quicker, and work on her footwork. She can develop all of weaknesses because she wants to be better. Everything she needs to be better at she can get, but it won’t happen accidently.


  1. Lauren Campbell (Fr. Portsmouth Clay)- Athletic taller kid at 5’10 who has improved her game drastically over the past few months. Good form on her shot, needs to tighten up her handles a bit, and be able to stop and look before she goes. Uses the glass well, but needs to manage her speed by not getting in too big of a hurry at the rim. Footwork has improved and she is aggressive, but just needs to get faster. Last two months her game has improved, and has a big upside. Only a freshman, watch for her to work on her weaknesses.


  1. Kendal Mick (Fr. Thornville Sheridan)- Thought she was a post player with her size, but will play PG, which she did today. Sees the floor well, smooth player who is a good catch-and-shoot player. Can score with contact and handles the ball well for her size. She finishes well in transition with good ball speed on her handles. Needs to learn how to finish better off of two feet. Can get to the rim and that will strengthen that part of her game. Needs to work on her habit of overdribbling and must use the left side of the court better to be a more effective point guard. Always goes right to right. Needs to slow it up at times and use her different gears, instead of constantly going too fast all the time. Serious upside.


  1. Lizzie Imre (Fr. Nordonia)- Another freshman who has grown. Another taller point guard who is a battler. Good 1-on-1 moves, but she needs to work on just finishing at the rim. She needs to be quicker on her release to the basket, she has the move just needs to be quicker. A good catch-and-shoot player who needs to develop a mid-range shot and change gears. She is relentless with her aggressiveness. Gotten physically stronger since last year. Much improved her game.


  1. Cassie Bentley (Jr. Vinton County)- 5’11 who is not a back to the basket player, rather will take it to you at the rim. She has deep range and isn’t afraid to shoot it. Above average handles for her size, with good ball speed, needs to not go so fast at times. Gets to the rim a lot but opens it up instead of keeping it away so she needs to develop a two-foot finish. Needs to look when she catches the ball instead of predetermining where she is going. She is very aggressive and will be physical.


  1. Jada Wolfork (Fr. Centerville)- Another freshman who plays older than she is. If her dribbling and handles improve, her total game will go up tremendously. She can get to the rim on anybody, she has a good shot, but it is a slow shot. When she has the ball, he is not afraid to be aggressive with it, but when she doesn’t have the ball, she struggles with getting the ball, she blends in too much. With the ball, she can slash, and take it to you. Just needs to work on her skillwork and halfcourt work. Needs to finish better at the rim.


  1. Allie Downing (Sr. Tri Village)- All over the place out there, very aggressive on everything. Deep range and with her size, she is a matchup nightmare. Has all the handles, and can shoot from anywhere, just needs to learn how to finish off of two feet. Needs to look sometimes before she goes to see the play. Good on ball pressure on defense, good shot blocker, and had good body control. Needs to develop a mid-range game instead of the rim or the three. Once she develops that slide move at the rim, she can use it in the middle which is a quicker shot. She will be a good college player. Physically stronger than in the past, and the most confident she has ever been. (Verballed to Belmont-Abbey).


  1. McKenna Ford (Jr. Olentangy Orange)- She is an outside-inside player and bang you getting to the rim. Very physical player with deep range. Good handles but her dribbles are way too low for her height, which slows her down. Around the basket, she is very strong, but like most of the kids, doesn’t finish well off of two feet well. When it comes to physicality, she is your girl. Needs to use the left side of the court better and more often, even though she has a good left hand. Needs to trust her left hand, and get it down to a science. With her strength and ability to shoot from deep, she can be a matchup nightmare.


  1. Aubrey Marsh (Soph. Akron SVSM)- 6’2 presence inside, for a tenth grader she is a great inside presence. Has a good shot but it is a flat shot due to placement of her wrist. Can step out and hit shots. Reminds of Ally Mallot by running the elbows, short corners and one dribble she has you at the rim. Strong body and can be a matchup nightmare. Good footwork, but doesn’t know yet how to face. If she continues to work with her size, by the time she hits her senior year, could become one of the top post players in Ohio. Runs the court well. Remember this name.


  1. Courtney Prenger (Soph. Minster)- 6’ sophomore, big time player with all the tools. She has all the pro-pivots and the right rip-moves. To complete her game, she will need to develop a better pull-up and strengthen her two-foot rim finish. Once she makes that move at the rim, it takes her too long from where she catches it to where she finishes it. Nobody should come close to touching that ball. She has a good looking shot and has all the moves. Jumps well, good handles, best post player in the gym.

College coaches: please contact Jim Dabbelt at for info on any of these players.

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